Chinese New Year, Hello.

吉林快3预测推荐和值 REVIEW: Friends, I know that in the past year, have you busy front desk; bed have your parents explore eyes; you did not forget to care for loved in return; the child’s well-being you hang between heart.Your selfless dedication, won the leadership of praise, loved ones laughing.I asked them to you said loudly: Thank you!You have worked hard!  Always unconsciously, the Spring Festival marching long river unexpected; always unknowingly, we have grown into a young teenager, and now not into middle age.Spring Festival has become a symbol of our growth.Chinese New Year, Hello!    The north, the river knot in the ice, the sun’s shining.Crystal clear; people twisted Yangko, high-stepping on the foot, the joy was palpable.Waiting for Spring Festival every household hung lanterns came.Chinese New Year, Hello!    Southland, the river of joy flowing, passing a swallow from the river.Quick holiday, students who like heart like swallows flying out of the campus.They use the most outstanding achievements report to their loved ones; they use full of knowledge waiting for the arrival of Chinese New Year.Chinese New Year, Hello!    Friends, I know that in the past year, have your desk busy; you have to explore parents’ bed eyes; you did not forget to care for loved in return; the child’s well-being you hang between heart.Your selfless dedication, won the leadership of praise, loved ones laughing.I asked them to you said loudly: Thank you!You have worked hard!    In the new year, may you have a hearty wind, clouds of flowing, rain enthusiasm; in the new year, wish good luck be with you, follow you happy, happy forever belong to you!  May you in the Year of the Tiger: Longtenghuyue new heights [Editor: warm]

Chinese New Year subsidizing “blessing” of the origin of the custom of

In the Spring Festival, we have posted the custom word blessing, usually most people to lose the word blessing, blessing to take the meaning of.But folklore experts said the word blessing attached to a lot of stress, not all have the word blessing stickers backwards, the word blessing on the door should be positive with stickers, meaning blessing came, but also reflects the solemn and respectful means.  The word blessing in Chinese folk is not an ordinary word, it encompasses almost all the good, both affluence, wealth prosperity, but also a healthy and safe, harmonious and happy, but also peace and prosperity, peace and harmony.Usually, people put these good expectations hides in the heart, until the new year, people will turn the hearts of the pledge into a lucky character, upright, thick pen re-written in red ink on paper, attached to the door, screen wall outside the house and the most conspicuous place, subsidizing the word blessing, is one of the most common presentation.  The word blessing stickers on the door must be positive response, Shaanxi Normal University folklore expert Fu Gongzhen said a long time, Chinese folk convention will lose the word blessing, whichever is down and to the homophonic, meaning blessing to, but this is only folklore norms and practices not to say.  Accordance with the norms of folk pay attention, not all should be so lucky character stickers, especially the door panel.Fu words on the door must always be positive paste, a symbol of welcome Hannaford Fort Worth meaning, and the entrance door is the family a dignified and respectful place, affixed to the word blessing, to be solemn and righteous, dignified and generous, so it It should be positive paste.  Two interior can lose folklore, the word blessing can come out ahead in some indoor places, such as on tanks and bins, because the thing these two articles are poured out from the inside, in order to evade the family fortune drained , then pour clever use of homophonic word to word, subsidizing the word blessing, but also a blessing to offset blessing to go to express their yearning for a better life.  Another place you can lose the word blessing is in place on the cabinet inside the house, the cabinet is storing things goods, subsidizing the word blessing, good fortune has come to represent the family, the house and closet.  Where to subsidizing practices?  It is said that the custom of blessing lose the word from the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong House.It is said that the custom of blessing lose the word from the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong House.On the eve of the Spring Festival a year, to discuss the master butler favor, as usual, he wrote many a good word makes affixed to the Treasury and the palace gates, a home people were illiterate, the word blessing door stickers on the mistake down.  To this end, Prince Gong was very angry, thanks to the housekeeper eloquent, kneeling on the ground subservient to say: I often hear people say, Prince Kung Fu Gao Shou great big good fortune, and now really big blessing to (down), and is the auspicious omen.  Prince Gong listening I thought, no wonder passers-by say a blessing to Prince Gong House (down), the Kyrgyz language said a thousand times, gold and silver increased enormously, a happy, and they rewarded the butler pour the paste blessing retainers.  Later, subsidizing vulgar word of blessing on the first official passed by the people of the people, and are willing to passers-by or a few words talking urchin: the blessing, and a blessing to!  How couplets posted?  In addition to paste the word blessing Chi Fernando Cheung outside, every household paste couplets Chinese New Year is also essential.Fu Gongzhen said couplets posted to be successfully implemented, should be in accordance with the traditional post couplet of people towards the door stand, right hand on the left hand is under formulas that couplet of the sentence shall be affixed on the right hand side (ie to the left of the door), on the sentence should attached to the left-hand side (that is, the right of the door).Scrolls up and down together posted to children should not be too high or too low, should generally be subject to the level of the lintel.  No matter what the content of the joint language, with its upper and lower parts of speech to be consistent, ze should be proportionate, the words scroll reads the words chosen should summarize or supplement the role of the Union speech, to make the whole couplets express a festive New Year’s age atmosphere, reflecting the people’s pursuit of a better life and vision.

Chinese New Year special memories: “a conundrum.”

[REVIEW] in the new warehouse area in 1948 is also such a thing happened, when he was a teenager, he was very clear memory of seeing things Yinbing 1949 new warehouse was liberated, and later he saw explanation Why do thousands of books, this phenomenon is reflected UV.  Time flies!In a few days will the Lunar New Year, which is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, in order to let more people know the fifteenth day of the first month in mid-1936, in Shanghai and Zhejiang Jinshan eastern border areas, have occurred I had such a hard thing to break.    There are former southern sixties one kind of customs, is the fifteenth day of the evening, each child will be holding a straw lit torches, singing along the ridge ran: “burning wax child!Burning wax child!This year the field is not long tares!”Intended to have a good harvest this year, this habit has been in effect until before the Cultural Revolution, to the south since I have played several times after.    But the old people told me: “in 1936 fifteenth night about about 8:00, families burn wax child in the field when the sky southeast direction, suddenly a lightning light after (Jinshan Zhang Bridge area can see lightning, the new warehouse area not see the kingdom) from heaven many so-called ‘Yinbing’ these ‘Yinbing’ can only see the lower body, no head and hands, lower body is very clear, the pace is very clear, ‘Yinbing’ team very large, and is lined up, the horse sounds and footsteps very loud and clear.    People on this phenomenon terrified, and everyone regarded copper bowl, beat feet out Zhuangwei lid, these so-called ‘Yinbing’ away from east to west, the march of time a full half an hour , but you can only see ‘Yinbing’ on the other side of the ridge own not see. “.    I am deeply interested in this matter, 61 Chinese New Year I once asked my grandmother, she told me is true, but Zhang bridge at that time it was the temple of the Buddha are carried to the threshing floor, in our region, our last generation of people see this phenomenon, and most of my peers who have heard about it.    I asked the teacher had the students experienced this thing right when studying new positions, the teacher said’ve seen, but said: “It is a natural phenomenon, is a reflection of the moon, it would appear under certain conditions” Obviously the teacher is not quite satisfactory, the most difficult to explain is the cry of a horse and a large number of footsteps, and seen people say is the sound of shoes.    It appears sound in the mountains ravine is possible, because some sounds may be absorption under certain conditions and release recordings mine, but in the plains is unlikely, and as it appears in the night lightning is also possible, but I I asked a beautiful day.    Because I have heard two guards Forbidden City in Beijing in mid-1956 people, in a thunderstorm in the evening to see, there are two ladies holding a platter of peaches and walked to the palace, but this is not surprising, because lightning do in starting with.I am most not to think is: “This happened in 1936, that is, in 1937 following the year of November 5, the Japanese landed in Jinshan, does God want to predict the Japanese landed here and with ‘Yinbing’ to inform the local people, I think there are too many in the mystery of the world we live in we went to Discovery, the world we live in was fantastic.    I want to add that in 2009, I went to see the new warehouse had already retired secretary large commune, I brought up the matter, he told me: in mid-1948 the new warehouse area is also such a thing happened, At that time he was a teenager, his memory is very clear to see Yinbing things, a new position in mid-1949 was liberated, and later he saw the explanation Why do thousands of books, this phenomenon is reflected UV.    But I do not think so, why “appeared in mid-1936 Yinbing, the Japanese mid-1937 will be in Jinshan landing, appeared Yinbing mid-1948, mid-1949 the region was liberated, and a large number of People’s Liberation Army marching to Hangzhou followed by the liberation of the whole territory of Zhejiang “I think everything is difficult to solve the mystery.

Chinese New Year memoirs

As time ran forward boom blaze of glory, always retained a memory of the warmest part, on those years of memories and thoughts will always be in my heart tumbling flood.Spring Festival, a happy, prosperous, reunion, to me, is a doubly missing loved ones day.And brothers together far more than the years, often across the yearning tears in.  1987 Chinese New Year, the year in our house seems to be a historic turning point, I just go to college, I was ten years studying the circle of the family of a dream.Big Brother has been wandering in the other place, and prosperity, the third brother’s business is booming, brothers are back from Jiamusi and Harbin, Liaoning New Year, at that time, seemed to be just a color photograph, in humble cottage parents live, we do rice, Xu Tan, camera, vaguely remember I wore a third brother bought me a brilliant yellow sweatshirt, stand-shoot cameras that record the harmony and prosperity of a family.  1990 Spring Festival, the first year I go to work, that year’s New Year’s Eve morning, Kiyoshi floating, my chief, a black man, but cautious leader said to me: “Amy, I go buy meat, you just go to work, shop and grass-roots are not familiar, the family knows that you go to work, and still manage a store unit, to influence the lives of the family.Also, we have a custom unit, the New Year to wear new clothes, buying meat for a while, you find your classmates accompany you to buy clothes, go to work when the New Year got to wear.”Later, the careful leadership, became my Secretary, that those words snow and New Year’s Eve to be accompanied by the warmth of my life.  1994 Spring Festival, have not eaten dinner, a little fool came to the New Year, this little fool the army coat and pulled out two cans of Jianlibao, said their families waiting for me to eat it, so he followed him to his home, the home of his parents and sister gathered around a table full of dishes, waiting for me, very moved, but more surprise is that there are a considerable number of New Year’s money.Received the people’s New Year’s money, no way, I married the fool, and later, he became the father of my daughter, my husband.  Chinese New Year in mid-1995, nine months before his daughter, I was thinking about that is Cougerenao back home, and thinking about her daughter, her mother stood on the balcony overlooking the house, I actually saw my father, my brother, my brother rushed propaganda even with gestures, probably let me go home for dinner, because my husband just tens of meters away from her family, with people saying, bolt rope, her parents will be able to slide from her husband’s family, brothers afraid of me homesick, eating dinner came to my house to see the baby, but I was homesick, like my parents and brother to eat it tastes familiar with dumplings.  Spring Festival, along with the thoughts of his brothers, accompanied by her daughter’s growth, year after year.  2005 Chinese New Year, everyone in her family had in my house, cancer after the mother, live in my house, my father passed away and then the whole family in her mother’s surgery that night, the New Year’s Eve, I stay with my mother and three brothers around the table in the laughter no past, our tears, pretending to be indifferent smile accompanied her to dinner.Life to death approaching, the Chinese New Year, is what it’s like.  2011 Spring Festival, mother at home less the first Spring Festival a kindly father, father died, and my heart missed a good father, miss distant relatives.  2013 Spring Festival, my three brothers were in Harbin, the country’s northernmost, southernmost Hainan Island, the Central Plains, Shandong, Liaoning New Year, together become a distant aspiration difficult to achieve the kind of hard.Third brother, a friend, a stranger working hard in Harbin, I call Mr. Mahone, I will become the only in the city of her family, the parents passed away, his brothers away all these years, has become Mahone part of my life, no regrets as he and his brothers to take care of me, gave me a lonely life adds a lot of affection and care, so in this coldest winter, I always worried about the well-being of Mahone, when they all enjoy the family sitting at the table, I always worried about one person alone in the city’s New Year Mahone, there is no dumplings, is not the usual fast food with every meal to pass the surface, so pack a lot frozen dumplings, ready and visit the different surname brother.  This Chinese New Year, my family and women beginning of a long, families with candidates, there are candidates in the room studying, ears do not hear things outside the door; her mother had carefully prepared to attend a lecture meal; everything home with food and love.My husband and I in addition to busy work, is to accompany candidates to class, a majority read with force in one, was removed outside hang, track, power base, Nangang, while waiting to stay in the corridor malls, bookstores, beauty salons, teacher’s house, the and so the car can leeward place during the Spring Festival, this is hard to read with, not to mention, but the hearts of the burning fire of hope, hope that their daughter pass the examination, best for the future.  Today is New Year’s Eve, New Year’s so-called positive day, the world of all things are balanced, when the old life away, there will be a new life coming to you, unless Year of the Dragon good luck, good luck to usher in Year of the Snake , happy dance melody and write a chapter pass the examination, send sincere wishes, the Year of the Snake, let my loved ones, my family, my friends, my husband, my daughter, and myself, I about Big brother, brother, third brother, always accompanied by good luck Mahone, wishful around the side.New Year, resigned sadness, storage auspicious; resigned confusion, savings easily; resigned worry, the accumulation of warmth; resigned anxiety, savings cozy; resigned pressure, serene wishful.Happy Year of the Snake!

Chinese New Year Legend

According to legend, many years ago, at a given Yangshan beautiful, there is a village not too large.On the hillside village, there are small stone house, there lived a young man named years of.His family is poor, to dig firewood drugs for a living.Then Seasonal mess, which makes the farmer can not farm.Years is a scheming young people, trying to determined the seasons.But where to start it?One day, years firewood up the hill, sitting under a tree to rest, moving shadows inspired him, and he made a sundial, shadow measured to calculate the length of the day.However, the days of fog, rain clouds overcast, impact test in mind, he wanted to do with a timer, to make up for lack of good sundial.That day, he dug up the mountain medicine, came to the fountain to drink water, cliff spring rhythmic ticking ringing, caught his attention.He looked out of the springs of God, he thought for a while, back home, drew a picture, tried, made a five clepsydra.Since then, he measured shadows, looking leaking, diligent.Slowly, he found every over three hundred and sixty days, the length of days will repeat from the beginning.The shortest day of the winter solstice.Then the emperor called Zu.Seasonal disorders, so that he was in a hurry to convene Baiguan, North Korea proposed because of seasonal disorders.Seasonal officer Jiao Eheng, he did not know the law of the sun and moon, and said that people do things inadvertently offended the gods, only the devout kneeling offering, to get on God’s forgiveness.Zu Yi Su vegetarian bathing, led Baiguan worship to the Temple of Heaven, and Chuanyu the country, to establish the station Heaven.But by offering to sacrifice, but not effective, seasonal still chaos, the people around the altar in order to build and was in service, but also come to donate, really bitter bile mixed berberine bitter Canada.Years, could not, he took his sundial and the clepsydra to see the emperor.Wannian met with the emperor, said the winter solstice, the sun and the moon to speak operating cycle.Zu Yi listening, joyful hearts, and even if massive construction projects, the construction of the Temple of Heaven before the sun and the moon Pavilion, built on the sundial table, making the clepsydra Pavilion.Myths and legends story 3 – couplets – in the first month – New Year Story.Has allocated twelve boy keep clepsydra, meticulously recording, time report.One day, Ah Heng to let the sun and the moon Zu Yi Ge Inquiry System calendar, the calendar years pointing to the grass, said: three hundred sixty sunrise and sunset, to start from scratch again and again.Vegetation Coorong points four seasons, years of a twelve round.Ah Heng a deep sleep rational, mind uneasy.He thought to himself: If the seasons determined the years, the emperor delighted, reuse of years, who listen to me Ah Heng?Ah Heng think, ah think ah, wants to get rid of years.Ah Heng inquire about a day and shooting assassin, sent people to go home, put on the banquet of wine, explain why, promised to re-gift.Assassin promised to go assassinate night.Days to pay two drums, left the assassin to take advantage of revelry Ah Heng, ran to the sun and the moon Court.Persevering around the Temple of Heaven, the moon and you have strictly guards, assassins can not be near to, bow and arrow to shoot to the moon and a positive view of astrology Court of years to go.Who knows assassin because drinking too much, the eyes grow dim, Arrows only shot in the arm years.Oops years soon fell to the ground, all the boy agony Nazei.Guards who heard the cry, deployed together, caught the assassin, to see emperor twist.Zu ask the truth, heralds the Ah Heng received a prison, personally boarded the eviction Sun and Moon House visit years.Years was very moved, pointing to the Shanghai Star said: Shanghai Star caught up with silkworm hundred stars, astrology recovery, night cross midnight, the old year has been completed, time and beginning of spring, hope the emperor set a section of it.Zu Yi said: spring for the beginning of the year, it is called Spring Festival.Aiqing cabinet, III contains no, Piganlidan to quasi-full moon made a lunar calendar, the work is really high moral weight.Aiqing now being crafty plot, and nursed it with me to the palace.Wannian said: lunar calendar, although embryonic, but not very accurate, drew to a close has left the drip hour.When this is not such a leap into the tail end of the year, Riyuerusuo.Over the past calendar will wrong.Robinson negative beings hoped, by the grace of the emperor, willing obsessed sun and the moon Court, plus fine projections, the calendar determined the grass.In this way, the Court of years in the sun and the moon, carefully observe the vegetation wheat beans of ups and downs, well-deduction, the Integrated Day into a month leap into it when the tail end of the year.That May, Zu-line offering to the Temple of Heaven, the festival gods strike, they boarded the sun and the moon pavilion, the May peaches ritual given years.Offer lunar calendar years, worked hard day and night looking at Zu years, white eyebrow too, must be white, deeply moved, put the lunar calendar named calendar, but also for the sun and the moon birthday sealing years.So, then it is also known as the Spring Festival years, often during the New Year’s birthday chart to hang in the house, a symbol of New Year Tim Ting, in order to send to nostalgia for the years of high German heavy work.

Chinese New Year is a rare quiet

A very young age I often hear adults say this sentence: [children] hope hope the New Year, adults [hope] Wang farming.I think from this statement we can see the origins of literature in the true sense is coming from private, it is derived from verbal.Simple sentence a deep Life Tastes.Innocent child at home, the New Year can eat good, wear new, fun, and adults have to gift money, etc..Adults is not the case.When a person is provoked to feed their families, foster burden future generations, if not farming conditions where’s the task ah.There is a saying: farmers are not farming, the imperial family starved to death.I would think this sentence overconfident, unrealistic.History is what a monarch is because farmers are not farming and starvation?Such a real Tang also put in: universal no idle land, the farmer still starve to death.Tian under the sun are farmers planted the dealer, but, starved to death or farmers.He said the moment, there is no poverty of the vast majority of the population distribution in rural areas, so the adults look ah farming.    I added a ring of life in Huasheng “Wang child New Year, adults looking farm ”s.Until the time when my own farming, “Wang child New Year, adults looking farm” That right yes right, but, I, as a self-reliant workers actually hope the New Year.Chinese New Year, a rare quiet, a rare rest.    I graduated from high school back home in rural farming.People handling Chunzao.In a had finished, taking advantage of a small ditch in the water, a spade a spade a spade dug pond scum, a spade a spade flung fields, pond scum do the seedlings raised base fertilizer could not be better, the effort is to.Followed by spring, causative cattle pear rake Chao drums, planting, summer tube.Some years, we had to go out in summer flood.Harvest of millet, depends on the labors get people carry home.Winter capital construction of farmland water conservancy are farmers pick the soil Kaiqu.Throughout the year, only the New Year before you can breath, you can recuperate a little bit.Until the new year, and circulating throughout the year to stay alive.If an old cattle than they do, then only the slack time before they can take a break, be considered no farm work during this Chinese New Year.    I entered veterinary father’s work, but is also a farmer, I do not have grain accounts.Their own fields of responsibility too dry farming.My father is looking at the veterinary station master of a veterinarian, I was born in the veterinary family, the father he did not teach me, but let about two years old I went to shop and go to the farm fields of responsibility to the master home, go back for the master visits box, even the master of his brother’s family farm work had to dry.Out of the division, when his own veterinarian.Later still pass the exam, with the national coat of recruiting cadres, bad checks, turn the commodity Mother account.Veterinary known as “grotesque”, not as workers, farmers do not like, do not like intellectuals, cadres do not like.No holidays throughout the year, no rest days.Do not have to go through town, go patrol.Ready to visits at home, even when eating and sleeping, pigs and cattle farmers at home sick to come to you, you must-see, there is no condition to tell farmers is our god.Only the New Year, not a major event can not go, if there is a major event, the New Year have to go.New Year quiet rest also hold the psychological luck.    Down the post, self-employment, business do feed themselves as porters.Busy year, and only to the New Year is not busy, you can rest, can breathing space, you can be quiet.No matter what flavor is in getting away, or what modern in flavor impact on the traditional festive.Two years do not look at things in the ears do not hear a thing, of course, this “write once New Year” essay exception.We can not, as some people, we do not have holiday syndrome, we can not squander the general trend of life, squandering the body, do not smoke, do not drink, do not play cards, do not gamble.Cardinal vices not that we do not love, not that we do not enjoy a splurge, but the body, physical condition does not allow, a little Huangzhuang, really sad day.We also do not want to visit relatives at home just want some adjustment fatigue, physical fatigue, nervous tension, relax a little.Summary summed up his family a year of gains and losses, success or failure, good at planning for the new year, the adjustment path of survival.So, for our survival difficult, to fly throughout the year in Benniao, the New Year is a temporary shelter, temporary haven, short-term comfort zone.    February 2014 Wednesday 5th

Chinese New Year dumplings

“This year Chinese New Year eating dumplings reform, we agree to disagree ah?”Walk in the trend line of text sister (wife’s sister) a change in previous years the habit of eating out, ask for your views.  ”what?Make dumplings?”The most traditional mother full of puzzled expression.  ”Good, good, good, good to eat dumplings, good green food.”In addition to her mother, we all unanimously by clapping.Perhaps the idea of her mother also change with the changing trend in fear over the years of shameful?  ”I’m the best at making dumplings, a few days before the yo-yo is still my family ate twenty or thirty.”I have to show their rare cooking, volunteered together.  ”Well, well, well!”When my father agreed chef decision.  Got it.Although mouth against her mother, in fact, than she which are impatient.Her mother quickly took out a kitchen knife, contemplating the vegetable garden villa outside cut celery.I quickly grabbed a kitchen knife, leaving a big basket, “rustling” a lot of neat and quick cut emerald green celery.”Er ah, incense and ah!”Thick celery scent nostrils, I was saturated stimulate appetite.In this green vegetable, I seem a little carried away, probably for a long time did not encounter such a pure green bar?I looked and looked, and smelled the smell, reluctant to leave.  ”Pound Qiang Qiang” nanny rhythmic sound in the kitchen chopping meat, “squelch” I sound cheerful vegetables, “New Year’s okay?happy New Year?”Grandma pleasant voice, is it not a beautiful symphony of kitchen do?How happy we feel ah!  ”Start dumplings ah!”I deliberately raised his voice against the upstairs mahjong hotties who shouted, hoping to an assistant ah.  ”I also came slightly dumplings.”Wen sister deserves to have a big sister style, yell came.I saw her calmly put table linen, dumplings.Seemingly leisurely dumplings, but in reality fast package, and all of them are kind of mold, dumplings she was under the auspices of so few, seems to have become a little girl wearing a white dress.I think the best at cooking, but sister paper today in front of a lot less!Package dumplings out small and ugly does not say, but also roll Gulu.I can do self-righteous?It can sit idle?Or he straightened himself, earnestly learn from it!My eyes wide open looking at the text carefully one by one sister, had her so ugly dumplings by a pointing, instant elegance.I was ashamed shame, surprised ah!  ”Start boiled dumplings ah!”I once again facing upstairs crying.  ”I have to cook dumplings slightly.”Wen sister’s mother (Yao aunt) agreeing with what the.I could not refuse her kindness, was originally told them ready to eat, did not think Yao aunt leave her love of mahjong, a whim to join the ranks of our dumplings, revealing her skill.I saw her only once a 21 dumplings, neither more nor less, and so the dumplings slowly pulls out “gray dawn”, then add half a bowl of cold water, cook for a little while on a one pulled.Placed in the printed blue and white porcelain dish, stuffed dumplings and seemed to be a warship.Oh, it should be said that a Japanese warship spy ship.These two warships and soon afterwards we all fall into these “general belly”, and chew splinters.  ”Good eat!There are no ah?”” So delicious, more delicious than those who were lavish meals.”Praise the endless variety of ear.Our heart sweetness!Pay must be harvested ah!  ”Good teacher also need good material ah!You see those out to buy dumplings slightly, how many preservatives?How many lean content of pork?Vegetables, how much fight pesticides and fertilizers?This is my own kind of green food ah, pork also please your uncle personally feed the country’s soil Spotted, you can not taste it?”Father of green food are all proud boast their own hard work, but also did not forget to praise the industrious plain aunt and uncle who abide by the rules of the country.  Yes ah, China’s food security is a headache, we, as consumers and energy doing it?You can do it?Is one kind of throwing the country back to work not to fight pesticides and fertilizers food, water to feed not eat pork it lean flowers?  Year over year, this simple, eat at ease.We all like!What do you think?  I wish every day to have this green eat!My desire to achieve it?

Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation words

Been groaning will publish the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” these days looking for some information on Zhongjing it, but it’s hard to find.The story about the life experience Zhongjing, deeds of data specific examples, in addition to himself as “Febrile Diseases” preface, very few.    Chinese medicine and calligraphy, Peking Opera is known as the quintessence of the three.Our Chinese medicine in the Western world not to be recognized from the original, to treasure identity is experienced practical demonstration of the fact that the efficacy of.Now, many Western countries have sent people to learn traditional Chinese medicine theory of medicine.I published the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” on the occasion of the first warm-up to look at the basic principles of medical science and traditional Chinese medicine Western medicine treatment of different points on the back read fiction can play a helpful role and understanding.    First, let me first to talk about different points of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, and treatment characteristics of style.Western medicine’s short history.It is based on the theory of microscopic, that Western medicine was born in the Netherlands in 1632 Defu Te janitor after Leeuwenhoek’s invention of the microscope, the use of physiological anatomy, biological, biochemical and physiological and biochemical genetics physical detection means (such as: various laboratory experiments, B-CT.Etc.), with modern medical model of Western medicine theory on biochemical basis of microeconomic theory.The Chinese medicine has a history of five thousand years old, it is built on the theory of macro-humanistic philosophical thoughts on culture, and build on the experience of long-term observation of clinical medical practice on medical theories.Their understanding and treatment of disease concepts and tools, and techniques are different views.    Western medicine is by means of experimental means microscopic technique based on the theory; theory of Chinese medicine is the basis of macro-humanistic philosophy and practice of clinical observation on the establishment.    In the diagnosis, Western medicine is mainly dependent on the physical and biochemical detection means; and Chinese medicine relies look and smell of old observed Inquirer scrutiny diagnostic approach to patients nuanced.By the look and smell of the combination of all four diagnostic methods, and classical philosophy and meridian theory of six meridians and yin and yang, cold and heat table of eight principal dialectical “Look beyond” approach results in disease diagnosis.In traditional Chinese medicine clinic in our ancestors was very smart, wise, they attach great importance to the observation and analysis of the tongue, rather than choose another place, this is because the Chinese come in the long-term observation of practice: “The tongue is Miao awakened heart “it can best reflect changing circumstances the body’s qi and blood.For this reason I did the test, began to drink a glass of cold medicine, not too long, white fur thick and greasy, drink a cup of brown sugar, ginger, pepper soup and quickly turned its pink tongue visible, changes fast.There Palpation of Qiemo, because “heart blood” heart pulse is gated channel.Pulse, can accurately reflect the changing blood rise and fall because of the hard work of comprehensive physiological information sensitively.    In view of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of attitude, both of which have different points on the nature.Western medicine is to advocate the use of chemical and biological medicines, confrontational kill pathogens, which will be subject to intense survival fight pathogens resistant and resistant degeneration, making the drugs continue to fail, struggling to research new antibiotics; while the Chinese is different.By the doctrine of harmonious Confucian Culture and Chinese traditional culture, the emphasis is on a harmonious balance coordination idea.Chinese medicine: “Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit of governance, sick from Yasugi?”.It emphasized that the body’s immune antibody yin and yang harmony itself generated.The root cause of human disease is the result of yin and yang out of balance, causing the body’s immune function, will be an opportunity for the pathogen, which is to change this imbalance in the body environment, “loss of its surplus, to fill the gap.”Yin and yang harmony makes the human body, cure disease.It does not conflict with the pathogens directly, instead of using change their living conditions and lesions of the environment, taking method outflanking the siege, making the disease the trapped dead, standing still.A disease to be “backing off”, the pathogens that rely on habitat loss cut off supply of “forage”, making it lose survival condition is eliminated, reached a healing effect, so there is no resistance cause medicine.    In terms of administration, medicine mostly chemicals; the plurality medicine from natural plant and animal nature, we are of flesh “affectionate nature product.”Effects of western medicine is relatively far greater than that of traditional Chinese medicine, will produce a lot of toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine becomes only preparations, it is worth beware of the medical community vigilance.    Also in the method of treatment there is little difference, and that is general widespread popular treatment method is different from Western medicine.For example, no matter what kind of disease are the same drugs used to Regulation.Unlike Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine of this, the emphasis is on “personalized” treatment, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of the disease is very particular about science.Meticulous care of with a strict logical reasoning and dialectical.Western medicine is relatively easy to learn more, once you have several drugs can “step by step” to use in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease went.Chinese medicine can not do it!Chinese pay attention to is the “syndrome” personalized diagnosis and treatment means it.Chinese medicine: human blood rise and fall over time environment is constantly changing, the pathogenesis of the human body and the environment is also closely related to their quality varied conditions, can not be generalized.Therefore, proposed the “Heaven corresponding”, because, because, the people due to the rule of dialectical theory of governance ideas.The same is cold, there is heat and cold cold cool points, according to the rise and fall have specific patient’s body upright, the strength of the system, the process time of disease and other factors, treatment prescriptions issued different personalized.Is also a disease, diagnosis and treatment of Western medicine’s prescription may be the same.The traditional Chinese medicine’s prescription is different, we must be specific physical condition and the disease process itself, issuing different according to the cause of the patient’s prescription.This is a personalized diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine.Western medicine treatment technique is relatively simple, but changing the way traditional Chinese medicine, prescription addition and subtraction are enormous, there is the same kind of disease “and Masaharu anti-governance, the rule with the next rule” of the points, there are “according to the specific circumstances of the patient with the disease with different treatment, different diseases ” ‘priorities specimens’,’ hot due to use ‘,’ with the cold due to cold ‘,’ Yin Sesai with ‘,’ by The universal ” dual solution table ‘,’ attack supplementation ‘, points etc..Chinese medicine in the treatment of simple dialectical philosophy of ancient sages wise, to an extreme.Volkswagen often misunderstand the Chinese medicine is individualized diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods do not understand do not understand the one-sided results.Like a disease is also a prescription for some people to others may not effectively invalid, even counterproductive bad effect delay the disease.Chinese medicine prescription is issued targeted, based on individual circumstances different, saying, soldiers uncertain situation, the water is uncertain shape.Treatment is the same reason.Dialectical argumentation, in accordance with the specific circumstances of the patient, the prescription issued by different.Take for instance ginseng, red ginseng, white white ginseng, American ginseng points, red ginseng is hot; white is warm white ginseng; American ginseng are cool, to be treated as individuals are dialectical yin and yang, cold and heat of the constitution, that make up the complement, the complement should not mess up their own.Children up to a maximum of weak Pseudostellaria, are required to use under the guidance of a doctor by.So difficult to learn Chinese medicine, the emphasis is on personal characteristics of dialectical thinking of the experience of diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine doctors rely on long-term accumulation specializes in medical technology and experience, and does not allow for a little hasty and anxious nearly utilitarian, otherwise it is difficult to produce good results and effect become a quack, it is hated by ZhangZhongJing.Therefore, winter tonic had to go to find the doctor of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine hospital issued a personalized tonic prescription, are neither blind you eat nourishing prescription medicine to eat the wrong medicine, wasting little money thing, just the opposite, but sick, and on the wishes of the original contrary to.    Before Zhongjing doctors to rely on parties symptomatic, diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions, lack of dialectical argument, the ideas personalized.Diagnosis and treatment of drug use what you want to cling to the dogma of the Cuban side, so that physicians are not unknowingly exploring the concept of diagnosis and treatment system.And on this basis is Zhongjing summed up the formation of a dialectical theory of governance ideological and theoretical comprehensive clinical Chinese medicine, wrote “Febrile Diseases” brilliant masterpiece, lit a clinical diagnosis using Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation for future generations of physicians who lamp treatment.Ancient and modern physicians are referred to as “medical saint” and “group party of the ancestors”, “medical side of the main progenitors.”Summing up the above examples we can see traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment process, he flashed everywhere, brilliant ideas dialectics of philosophical wisdom wise.Well, here I come to summarize the general system of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of it: the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine: dialectical theory of yin and yang, yin and yang, each root, restricting, transforming growth and decline, the five elements (Five Elements) on the dirty (white lungs , the wood is green, black kidney water, Firelight red, yellow Pitu.) Is allelopathy multiplying phase insult Theory.The relationship between yin and yang,, internal organs of the twelve meridians.Etiology (three reasons: internal, external, not internal not external.Six evils: the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire.Dialectical relationship) pathogenesis (yin and yang, good and evil, etc..    TCM diagnosis: look and smell of the four diagnostic parameters and six by dialectical (yin and yang), the eight principles of dialectical (yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat, the actual situation.) Wei Ying and Blood Gas.    The use of traditional Chinese medicine: performance, four gas flavors (four gas: cool and cold and heat.Flavors: salty Xin Gan Suanku.) And lift ups and downs of the dialectical relationship between the use of.    On Prescription Compatibility: monarch dialectical due to illness subtraction method flexible compatibility.Nine fear Eighteen of contraindications such as compatibility of dialectical thinking.    In the treatment: “because, because of land, and people” “Heaven corresponding”, the specific circumstances of a specific treatment, dialectical therapy treatments personalized.Magical dialectical eight methods: 1.Cool and relieving sweat method; 2.Make the best use of the jetting method; 3.Priorities are prepared dismount; 4.And a method of relieving good; 5.Heat Chufan and Qing; 6.Wen Hui Yang in the temperature method; 7.Slow fading bulk erasing method; 8.Wasting tonic fill method.Rich forms: Tom wine Gao Wan Dan scattered, acupuncture and massage, cupping scraping, washing smoked ironing sit guides, and so on because people change and disease dialectical therapy.Topical within the rule and clever, flowers, endless.    When ideology diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine to make it difficult to speak in this short period of two to three thousand words, you can only talk about a fur.I think going to write the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” as a showcase of Chinese medicine treatment success and style of traditional Chinese medicine and science fiction.When a person novel is the art of thinking in images, to show the character of the affair, so try to avoid the boring work of medical knowledge, to plain concrete examples to illustrate the mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, demonstrating generation of medical saint style.Just make a try Bale.    Zhongjing “Febrile Diseases”, created a theoretical system of clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.He pointed out the diagnosis and treatment of medical treatment for future generations of physicians direction.Today, many medical experts at home and abroad to study classical prescription Zhongjing medical knowledge as research subjects and genres, theory multiport.Some scholars said that the future of the world medical community will be more to this idea ZhangZhongJing applied to diagnosis and treatment, creating future innovation and development in the world of medicine to some foreign physicians said they research the future of Chinese medicine to catch up China, Chinese medicine must thriving future glory, for which we rejoice.    Press on Wednesday, 30 November 2011, Shanghai western suburbs home in Cypress.